The Greatest Time Travel Journey You Can Take.

Updated: Aug 15

“We travel, initially, to lose ourselves, and we travel, next, to find ourselves. We travel to open our hearts and eyes.” ~ Ray Bradbury

Image by Alexa from Pixabay.

Some years ago, the late, great Arthur C Clarke wrote about the mayor of a 19th century US city, who, upon being shown the newly-invented telephone, gushed enthusiastically that he could foresee the day when every city would have one.

Obviously, the mayor could not predict that within a lifetime, there would be a telephone in almost every house and street corner across the western world, and that a lifetime after that would see nearly every human being on the planet carrying their own telephone/computer in their pocket. Nobody can accurately predict the future.

In the Aussie SF community, our world is about to change — or, at least, we have the opportunity to shape our own particular future. Imagine.

The Australian Science Fiction Foundation is rebooting after nearly fifty years of service to our community.

Fifty years ago, Australia was a geographically (and culturally) isolated community, and we now live in a science fictional world of Internet and smart phones and instant worldwide connection. Part of the ASFF relaunching will attempt to meet such new realities and forge new bridges with people around the planet.

We also plan to connect with new audiences and new visions of the future, building bridges between older cohorts and newer visionaries. Whether this is a small change or a big one will depend upon how many people catch the vision and join this particular journey into our future. You are invited to make this collective journey part of your own story.

The daily journey through our own lifetime is the greatest time travel journey we can ever take; getting out of bed each morning and facing a future ahead is the most creative act we can undertake as travellers through time and space. Let's take that journey together... for a time.

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