The ASFF Relaunches - Welcome from the President.

Updated: Aug 16

It is with great pleasure and pride that I announce the relaunch of the Australian Science Fiction Foundation. Our mission statement is simple - to promote science fiction activities here in Australia and around the globe. We invite you to visit our new website, peruse our shop for ASFF merchandise, visit our revised social media platforms and enter our new competitions. We're excited about our new chapter and direction which promises to be a positive change from the old.

The Foundation went into a COVID-19 hiatus last year which gave us an opportunity to think about our science fiction journey. The ASFF is one of Australia's oldest science fiction foundations, having been formed in 1976. We wanted to bring together the old, the now and the new. Becoming more relevant was important to us - especially in how we intend to engage our youth with science fiction activities. We've done so well with our adults in the past, and our website reflects this with our historical documents. We felt that it was time to turn the ASFF around and include our youth in a more meaningful way. They are our future and we want to put our time and energy into engaging and supporting them as best as we can.

I am therefore excited to launch the 'ASFF Short Story Competition' created especially for our Primary and Secondary students here in Australia. We want them to run with the theme 'Imagine' and write for us, giving us a snapshot as to how they see the future. The ASFF will be creating a digital anthology of stories from our entries and this, we hope, will become an annual collection. A snapshot of how our children imagine our world into the future. This award will be formally launched on January 1st 2023.

We have also created a resource library that houses historically significant information about science fiction activities in Australia. We hope to build this resource in the future, enabling science fiction activities, documents and people to be remembered as they should be. We are currently collating our collections and have invited people from around Australia to contribute with their activities and information.

We wanted to look after our creative artists and so have started a science fiction poetry page, science fiction artists page as well as a place to promote new authors. With self-publishing becoming so prevalent, offering new authors a space to promote their books seemed the least we could do. We have already been inundated with poetry, art and even some science fiction music. Our arts hub promises to unite science fiction artists together in the one place.

We are inviting nominations for the 2022 Chandler Award. Our nomination form can be found on our website.

Our other aim is to create a database of other science fiction organisations and create a central database so that people can find their tribe.

The ASFF is a Foundation that stands proudly in the science fiction community and I am very grateful to have been a part of its new launch. There is courage in recreating something that has been established for so long, but we have been fortunate to have by our side, an amazing team of people. From Mike in Boston, to Ella in the Ukraine and 'Ditmar' (Dick) Jenssen in Australia - so many people have lovingly given up their time to help us to rebrand. We have created a special page on our website to thank everyone.

We extend our arms to everyone, in the hope that they can find a kind place to reside.

Peace and Kindness, Juliette Cavendish.

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