Joining the Podcast Generation

A World of a Thousand Voices –

Joining the Podcast Generation

(Part 2)

By D. Maxwell

Image by Coffee Bean from Pixabay

In our previous instalment we looked at the modern phenomenon which is podcasting. Now if after reading that article you’ve suddenly realised “gee I’d like to become a podcaster myself”, well here’s how to get started.

In its purest form, a podcast is an audio recording of your voice. Now as fortune would have it, everyone has the ability to be a podcaster because every mobile phone in the world can record sound - just press the red ‘record’ button and start talking, yep it really is that simple.

But even though recording a podcast is easy, creating a GOOD podcast, well that’s the hard part.

A dozen years ago it was quite common for a podcast to feature a group of people sitting around a basic recording device capturing the conversation – even in noisy public places like a café. Unfortunately what was acceptable then is not going to wash with audiences now because production standards have vastly improved over time. So as a new podcaster at the very least you will need to invest in a decent microphone which can plug either into your phone or computer. Furthermore, if you require the ability to connect multiple microphones, you will need to purchase a dedicated audio recorder or alternatively an audio mixer.

The next step will be to determine where to host your show so your audience can access it. Fortunately there are a plenty of podcast hosting sites to choose from such as BuzzSprout, RSS, Podbean and numerous others, so just find the site that fits your needs and budget because these sites do charge a fee for their services, though they tend to be quite minimal - be mindful that some sites do offer free hosting but there will be restrictions attached. It’s also important to note that if you decide to stop paying the hosting fee your podcasts will be removed from the site, which can be quite upsetting if you have shows spanning many years based there.

But on the positive side, once you’ve uploaded your new audio recording to a hosting site, a podcaster you will be. Let the world hear your voice!

In the next instalment we’ll get into the nitty gritty of actually producing a podcast whilst highlighting some technical and creative pitfalls to avoid.

- Dags co-hosted and edited the monthly Star Wars podcast Star Talking 2016-2019. He currently produces a variety of live broadcast video shows for Sci-Fi Zone

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