I Choose You.

Updated: Aug 15

Steph Stonewall writes:

It is perhaps no surprise that Game of Thrones - one of the most popular fantasy TV series of all time - was based on books by a Hugo winning fantasy author, George RR Martin. The series seems to be a cross between 'Dungeons & Dragons' and the Society for Creative Anachronism, and has probably elevated roleplaying games, cosplaying, and fandom to new levels of mainstream popularity.

Sci fi and fantasy are immensely popular, but not within old understandings of fandom. Where fans might have once gathered together at a convention to debate whether (or not) literary sci fi was superior to media-based sci fi, such debates exclude RPG and cosplay and furries and gaming and lots of fanac.

We must recognise and utilise this wider audience if we are to survive and succeed in the long term as a genre.

Sci fi is like catching lightning in a bottle: its wonders can barely be contained. Its fandom is bigger and more mainstream than it ever was, and we need to welcome new audiences, including fans who cosplay, who create modern Internet-based fan fiction and podcasts, and who produce indie or fan films . Fans who enjoy anime and manga and graphic novels. Their social outlets are via social media instead of traditional clubs. Their libraries are on Kindle instead of bookshelves. Their evolving, morphing metaverses are part of our faniverse and part of the future to which we collectively aspire.

Emerging sci fi - I choose you.

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