Creating the Podcast Generation

A World of a Thousand Voices –

Creating the Podcast Generation

(Part 3)

By D. Maxwell

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In our previous instalment we looked at the basic requirements to record and host a new podcast, now let’s delve into its creative side which is where the fun really begins.

OK so you’re ready to create your first podcast, well what will it be about? Now if you’re going to focus on say Star Wars then you’ll be entering a massively over saturated podcast market. But if this doesn’t phase you then think about what your show will have that the others (ie your competitors) don’t. Regardless of the market you’re entering into, your podcast topic will need to be something which interests you enough to produce many episodes for the foreseeable future.

If your podcast is to feature the occasional guest or no guests at all then it’s recommended to have 2-3 hosts, this will allow the group to engage in topical conversation which can provide a lot of great entertainment. However, if the show is only going to feature one host (ie you), then having regular guests appear will be important to add some variety. If guests are not possible, then the podcast will need to have a short duration – maximum 20 minutes - because even a great ‘one person show’ can be still become tiresome after a while.

Practice your ‘radio’ voice. As podcasts exist as audio only, it’s crucial you sound clear, concise and easy on the ears. In addition, be sure to record all your podcasts in a quiet ‘studio’ environment unless you are intentionally ‘on location’.

Needless to say planning every episode in advance is important because not only will you be providing the entertainment, but podcasting is just like radio where even one second of ‘silence’ is considered dead air and must be avoided. With this in mind I recommend you review and edit your recordings if at all possible. Although its really tempting to just post up a freshly recorded podcast ‘as is’ often its best to listen to the show and edit out the drawn out bits and mistakes. If edited properly the removed parts won’t be noticeable while the podcast itself will sound much sharper.

Watch the language! Remember you never know who is going to be tuning in, so I believe it’s very important to keep swearing to a minimum with hard swear words being avoided altogether.

Ultimately the real key to a successful podcast is consistency, such as releasing new episodes on a regular basis. Aside from a few rare exceptions, many of the most successful podcasts have been in production for years and they needed all that time to build up a large, devoted following. So be sure to promote your new podcast far and wide and let its own momentum build up and gain traction. After all, ‘success’ means different things to different people and because podcasting is a very personal and rewarding endeavour, it’s the one vocation where you really can get your voice heard by the masses.

- Dags co-hosted and edited the monthly Star Wars podcast Star Talking 2016-2019. He currently produces a variety of live broadcast video shows for Sci-Fi Zone

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