Historical ASFF Fan Funds

The ASFF provided four Australian fan funds with sub-accounts under the ASFF’s main account, to avoid the difficulties and expense of having to set up new accounts each time the administrators change. We are in the process of reviewing our funding and expanding it.


The Foundation supported several fan funds:

DUFF (Down Under Fan Fund).

DUFF was set up in 1972 to strengthen links between Australian/New Zealand and North American

science-fiction fans.

FFANZ (Fan Fund for Australia and New Zealand).

FFANZ fosters links between New Zealand and Australian fans.

GUFF (Get Up-and-over Fan Fund or Going Under Fan Fund).

GUFF gives European and Australasian fans a presence at each other’s top science-fiction conventions.

NAFF (National Australia Fan Fund).

Helps Australian fans from interstate attend the Australian science-fiction convention.


Information about those fan funds, including links to the most up-to-date news for each (and ballot forms) are available here:


There is also a global fan funds site, run by the Fan History Project of the World Science Fiction Society. Go there if you want a global perspective (and details) on Fan Funds.​