The Australian Science Fiction Foundation

Supports and Promotes Science Fiction in Australia and Around the World.











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About The ASFF

The Foundation was created in 1976.

It aims to be a leading science fiction resource in Australia.

The ASFF supports the promotion of science fiction in Australia.


Its activities are funded by membership subscriptions and donations.

We support an inclusive and safe environment for our community.


We value feedback from our community.


Our Foundation seeks relevance, insight, and productivity for science fiction enthusiasts.

The ASFF is creating new directions and activities

for 2022 and beyond.


We aim to expand our outreach across Australia and the world.


Awards the A Bertram Chandler Award 

for outstanding achievement and new influence in Australian and global Science Fiction.

Awards the ASFF Short Story Competition Award for Young Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers.

Awards the Norma K Hemming Award

 for excellence in the exploration of race, gender, sexuality,

 class or disability in SF works.

Aims to document the history of SF in Australia.


Aims to encourage new and innovative SF activities

for the 21st century. 

Is compiling a Resource Library

for research into Australian SF.

Lends seed money to SF conventions.

Gives financial support to Australian Fan Funds.

Connects SF fans  through social media

and other networking opportunities.

 We aim to support, encourage and liaise

with other science fiction organisations.

Welcomes new clubs or activities.



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