A. Bertram Chandler Award

Australia's Premier Award for Lifetime Achievement in Science Fiction

Bertram Chandler

The Chandler, as it is fondly known, was created

in 1991 in recognition of the contribution  that

science fiction writer A. Bertram Chandler

made to Australian science fiction and to

Australian SF fandom in general.

Nominations Open July 1st 2022

The Australian Science Fiction Foundation

awards the Chandler on the basis of 

'Outstanding Achievement in Australian Science Fiction'

The Chandler is nominally an annual award.

Nominations close September 1st 2022



To nominate someone whom you believe has made a significant contribution to Australian science fiction and/or fandom, you must fill in and submit the nomination form to the ASFF. You must note in detail

the nominee’s achievements and why you consider them to be worthy of the Award as per the

requirements contained within the nomination form. The nomination form for this year will be made available on July 1st 2022. Nominees should demonstrably be members of the Australian science fiction community, whether in writing/publishing/media, and/or from the many fandoms that make up the scene. We welcome nominations from all over Australia, and team or conjoint nominations will be considered,

but each nominee must be nominated in detail on a separate nomination form. ​ People are free to

nominate themselves as well as others, but all nominees must satisfactorily meet the criteria.


As this is a lifetime achievement award, nominees must demonstrate a lengthy history of involvement

within the science fiction community, although this does not have to be a continuous and unbroken involvement over the duration. Nominees must be recognised as having made a significant contribution

to the science fiction communities within which they have been involved. We especially welcome nominations from around Australia, particularly those who represent innovative, creative and diverse

fields of community involvement. Nominations will be considered and winners decided by jury

(the ASFF Committee). All nominations must remain confidential until such time as nominees

are shortlisted. 

Contact inquiryasff@outlook.com