Reviewing the Laws

Our Code of Conduct

In October 2021, the ASFF family developed its latest Code of Conduct to ensure that the Foundation  

provides a safe space for its members, administrators and visitors.

The ASFF family is committed to providing a positive experience for our members and guests.

Our family does not support social media being used to intimidate, mock, or shame individuals. Therefore when people join, the committee will discuss each application for membership.

We regard social media as a platform to connect, promote and support individuals.

The ASFF family in order to protect its members, guests, reputation and committee may seek legal advice

towards individuals that threaten our emotional, and physical safety, and do so in a public space.

Parallel Lines


Our Mission is to provide a safe environment for our members and guests in which Science Fiction can be appreciated and experienced.


Our vision is simple.

To celebrate Science Fiction in an environment that promotes ethical behaviour and brings out the best in our members and guests.

The ASFF Code of Conduct.

Members, guests and participants of the ASFF agree to and guarantee to abide by the following principles as a condition of their involvement with all ASFF activities: committee meetings, general meetings, public events, Zoom meetings, website, newsletters, social media, awards ceremonies, convention activities, merchandising opportunities, and any other events, activities or functions that may be organised by the ASFF or at which ASFF representation may be required or implied.

That they will always and without exception:

  • Treat other people with respect and courtesy.

  • Diligently act to protect any sensitivities or age-appropriate requirements of others present.

  • Take every possible and reasonable action to ensure that all ASFF activities remain a safe space.

  • Not engage in harassment, bullying or other illegal behaviours.

  • Not make defamatory comments or make public accusations against individuals or organisations.

  • Not post or show material that infringes the copyright or intellectual property rights of others.

  • Not promote unlinked commercial interests or transmit any material that may breach the Spam Act 2003.

  • Protect the personal privacy of others by not including personal information posts or comments (eg. names, email addresses, private addresses or phone numbers).

  • Acknowledge that any content presented in meetings, events, website or social media is general in nature and must not be taken as advice relating to individual specific circumstances.

  • Acknowledge that anything they communicate on ASFFs social media platforms or other public forums will be treated as non-confidential.

  • Abide by the rules of the Zoom media platform or other authorities when involved in any ASFF activities.

If a user breaches this Policy, the ASFF reserves the right to:

  • Warn anyone involved in violating this Code of Conduct and remind them that the ASFF is a safe space.

  • Instruct any offenders to immediately redress any such violations.

  • Remove content and disable the person's comments from social media platforms or other public forums.

  • Suspend, remove or permanently block the person from its meetings, events, social media, newsletters, from the ASFF without further warning if we determine that they have seriously breached our Code of Conduct.

  • Report users to the relevant social media authority, and/or any appropriate law enforcement authorities.

  • Take other action, including legal action, which it considers to be appropriate.

The ASFF notes that:

  • The ASFF Constitution allows for a mediation process between aggrieved parties and an independent arbiter under particular circumstances, but this mediation process shall remain consistent with the above standards and procedures.